Why use a Copywriter?

First Impressions


You have created your new product or service. You have lived, eaten and breathed it, knowing every little detail and feature. Too often, this level of knowledge gets in the way of good clear, concise copy, bogging potential clients down in technical detail when they want to know about the benefits.

Sometimes companies fail to promote their product or services altogether. How often have you seen a business card, vehicle signwriting or banners with a beautiful design or logo but with a meaningless phrase, or worse, no wording at all, leaving you none the wiser as to what that company does?

Google’s Content Appetite
SEO is changing. Gone are the dark arts of back links and keyword loading. Google now wants great, original content, and that takes time, effort and creativity.

Wordcrafting freelance copywriting can offer you an outsider's perspective, getting you closer to your customers, and will save you and your staff precious time to get on with your core activities.
Google friendly web content, brochures, press releases, newsletters, straplines, mission statements all produced to tight deadlines and in an appropriate tone of voice.